the agency

consumerone_approach_1Ours is a young agency offering first-class qualitative market research. consumerone was founded by Angela Schönemann and Martin Moritz in 2006 as a flexible full-service agency in response to a need for in-depth advice and support.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of consumerone‘s three partners and three qualified and experienced freelance colleagues. Our researchers have all had 10-20 years of experience across the whole range of qualitative market research. Our work is vibrant and inspired rather than detached and dispassionate, because it is our belief that qualification, fun and involvement are the cornerstones of top quality research.


consumerone_approach_2Market fragmentation and the ever-increasing pace of innovation are among the key challenges of our time. At the same time, consumers are becoming more and more demanding, as well as contradictory in their behaviour.

In response to these strong market dynamics, we take a holistic but also individualistic approach to qualitative market research, which brings us right in close to consumer reality.

Intensive incorporation of the consumer perspective is what we see as the key to successful innovation.

We help our clients to develop a new and differentiated view of their consumers. To us, consumer closeness means that we explore their mindsets, emotions, needs, touch pointes and inner lives in order to do full justice to their fragmented reality. And our basic attitude towards our consumers is always one of respect and esteem.

With the insights it provides, consumerone creates platforms for the development of creative solutions, because the process of building brands and images is based on today‘s understanding and focused on tomorrow‘s visions.



methodological repertoire / techniques

  • Focus groups
  • Mini-groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Ethnographic in-home visits
  • case studies
  • Diads
  • Creative workshops
  • Diaries, collages, roleplay
  • laddering, visual documentation, homework
  • Psychodrama

research areas

  • Insight generation
  • Concept development and optimisation
  • Consumer understanding
  • Innovation research
  • Brand development / brand core analysis
  • Segmentation studies / positioning
  • Advertising tests / packaging tests
  • Accompanied shopping, store clinic